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Dustfreerooms.com is driven by a desire to help people find the best air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers they can afford. Established in 2018, the website is all about creating an indoor environment permeated by high-quality, healthy air.

You can contact me via this email: mwangikiarie50@gmail.com


That’s why I, Peter Simmons, always talk about the best deals (products) allergy and asthma sufferers can get for the money they have. I grab every opportunity to share with my readers every bit of information I feel might help them make informed buying decisions.


Maybe this isn’t important, but my wife and son happen to be asthma sufferers. They’re also allergic to a whole range of allergens. As I built this website, the realization that I was doing it for them and others like them kept me going.


My Mission


Dustfreerooms.com exists to provide consumers with accurate and reliable information so they can get the best deal while shopping


How I Do It


I research rigorously and continually, helping you to access at all times up-to-date product information and research. I realize that shopping can be confusing and sometimes even stressful. I’d like to become a part of the solutions you seek as you dig around the overwhelming web.


What About Affiliate Links? 


I earn a small commission when you buy a product through affiliate links on this website. The commissions help me research products and maintain this website. Note: you don’t pay a penny more for your purchases by ordering products through Affiliate links.


And always, your needs come first. I’d really hate to have you feeling cheated or misled. That’s why I research deeply and thoroughly.  That’s why I’ll sometimes scream, “That air purifier is a bad deal. Don’t buy it!” Or, “That’s a terrible dehumidifier.” Or, “I highly recommend this humidifier.”


You’ll always get accurate and reliable statistics, tables, comparisons, information from recent research, and more as you dig around Dustfreerooms.com. Every resource on this site is accessible freely anytime.


Navigate to my blog and access the information you seek now.