Is There an Air Purifier for Smoke that Actually Works?
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Is There an Air Purifier for Smoke that Actually Works?

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Is There an Air Purifier for Smoke that Actually Works?


Can you find an air purifier for smoke that actually works? You’ll very soon know if you can. When a person smokes a cigarette, they get satisfaction plus a lot more. According to the American Cancer Society, smokers get over 7,000 different compounds from cigarette smoke! And a whole 10 percent of these chemicals are cancer-causing agents. When you breathe in secondhand smoke, you get what smokers get minus the satisfaction. Let’s see if air purifiers in general remove cigarette smoke. We’ll also learn whether there’s a specific air purifier that’s a perfect smoke removal machine or cigarette smoke eliminator.


Cigarette Smoke Contains Two Forms of Smoke, both Harmful


Burning tobacco produces two kinds of smoke. These include mainstream smoke and sidestream smoke, according to the American Cancer Society. Mainstream smoke is what a smoker exhales. Sidestream smoke, on the other hand, is what you get from a cigarette’s burning end. When people talk of secondhand smoke, they think they’re referring to one kind of smoke. But that’s not correct. Secondhand smoke, also called environmental tobacco smoke, contains the two forms of smoke we’ve discussed.


Sidestream Smoke is More Dangerous than Mainstream Smoke


Did you know that sidestream smoke is more dangerous than mainstream smoke? Sidestream smoke contains much higher concentrations of carcinogens than mainstream smoke. Besides, sidestream smoke contains smaller particles than mainstream smoke. Due to their size, smoke particles from sidestream smoke easily find their way into people’s body cells and lungs. Secondhand smoke causes cancer and a whole range of other health complications. Worst of all, secondhand smoke can cause death. But is there an air purifier for smoke that actually works? You’ll know that pretty soon.


Children Exposed to Secondhand Smoke Keep Getting Sick


While secondhand smoke affects everyone exposed to it, its effect on children is greater. It’s certainly not a good idea to smoke at home if you have kids. At least, don’t do it when they’re around. Here’s why. Research reveals that children whose parents smoke fall sick more often than children whose parents don’t. Besides, they see more lung infections including pneumonia and bronchitis. It gets worse. Children whose parents smoke get more ear infections. Additionally, such kids cough and wheeze more, and for them, shortness of breath is quite common.

Brace yourself: the next statement might scare you to death. Secondhand smoke can even lead to sudden death in very young children. When it comes to protecting little children, getting the best air purifier for cigarette smoke is not it. Smoking outside the home is what works.


Unfortunately, You Can’t Stop Your Neighbors from Enjoying their Cigarettes


You can stop smoking while at home to protect your family. Unfortunately, there’s little you can do about your neighbors’ behavior. Cigarette smoke from neighbors who live in a different floor can still affect you and your family. According to the American Cancer Society, tobacco smoke in multi-unit housing where people are allowed to smoke can affect people in other floors. Smoke can easily move through cracks in the wall and floor, elevator shafts, along crawl spaces and air ducts.

The American Cancer Society says that ventilation and air cleaning are effective when it comes to controlling secondhand smoke. But ACS doesn’t say what the best air purifier for cigarette smoke is. We will.


Ever Heard of Thirdhand Smoke?


When was the last time you heard someone talk of thirdhand smoke? You likely haven’t heard of thirdhand smoke, also known as residual tobacco smoke. Long after someone smokes a cigarette or a cigar, tobacco smoke can linger in their home for months. Good news: no studies show that lingering odors or residual cigarette smoke can cause cancer.

Bad news: studies show that dust samples from homes of people who smoke contain lung cancer causing carcinogens. Particles from lingering tobacco smoke end up combining with certain gases from the air, forming cancer-causing compounds. These compounds finally settle on different surfaces around the house. Household dust in a smoker’s home contains a certain amount of residual smoke. That’s another compelling reason not to smoke at home.


Do Air Purifiers Really Eliminate Tobacco Smoke?


That’s a seriously important question. And you want honest answers. For that reason, don’t listen to people who might want to sell you something. And that includes us here at Instead, listen to researchers and experts and scientists. So, what do researchers think about the ability of portable air cleaners to remove cigarette smoke?

According to Mayo Clinic, an air purifier can help you reduce the level of airborne particles in your home. But such machines aren’t 100 reliable when it comes to removing smoke. Mayo clinic further states that air purifiers aren’t designed to help people eliminate gaseous pollutants including cigarette smoke.

And according to NCBI, it’s more difficult to remove gases from your indoor air than to eliminate other particles. Sure, air purifiers might remove some small-sized airborne particles from the air. But they neither eliminate all of them, nor the harmful effects of cigarette smoke. Here’s what these two authoritative sources are saying. If you want an air purifier that removes smoke completely, including cigarette smoke, you won’t get one.

Now, we’d love it if you bought an air purifier right now. But we’d be dishonest if we told you there are perfect air purifiers for smoke. Don’t listen to anyone who says this or that air purifier removes 99.97 percent of cigarette smoke. That’s B.S., and you’re not going to fall for it, will you? That said, there are many good reasons to buy an air purifier.


Stop Looking for a Cigarette Smoke Eliminator


Instead, stop smoking. Of course, that’s a personal decision. Nobody has the right to dictate how you should lead your life. But, seriously, there are tons of reasons you should quit this pernicious habit the earliest you can. All researchers and medical experts agree that stopping smoking offers many great benefits. You’ll enjoy improved health and possibly a longer life. Besides, you’ll protect your loved ones from the dangerous effects of tobacco smoke. Stop looking for the best air purifier for smoke. Do what works: quit smoking.


Here’s the Final Verdict: Air Purifiers Don’t Completely Remove Smoke, Including Cigarette Smoke


So, is there an air purifier for smoke that actually works? The simple answer is No. There’s no such thing as the best air purifier for tobacco smoke. Cigarette smoking is a dangerous habit, and you probably should quit the habit. But tobacco smoke from others can also affect you. And kids get affected significantly when they smoke passively. Obviously, you want to avoid exposure to firsthand, secondhand, and thirdhand smoke. Still, there are lots of good reasons to buy the best air purifier you can afford.