How to Get Rid of Allergies

Allergy sufferers are always looking for better ways to solve their breathing issues. Unfortunately, allergies are for the most part a lifetime challenge. But there’s always hope. Researchers might one day discover permanent solutions for helping people get rid of allergies. Meanwhile, try to manage your allergies as best you can. Many effective ways of … Read more

Best Air Purifier for Exhaust Fumes

The best air purifier for exhaust fumes features 2 medical grade HEPA H13 filters, 2 prefilters, and 2 substantial activated carbon filters. Small wonder it filters PM2.5 and PM10 particles down to 0.1 microns. Air purifiers that use the world-famous true HEPA filter(s) are great. But when it comes to reducing traffic pollution, this solution … Read more

HEPA vs Carbon Filter

HEPA vs. carbon filter, which do I need in my home air purifier? You can’t do any kind of a head-to-head filter performance comparison between a HEPA filter and a carbon filter. Because these two air filters are made differently, work differently, and do completely different things.  The end goal shouldn’t be to pick one … Read more

MERV vs FPR vs MPR Air Filter Ratings

Merv vs mpr vs fpr filter ratings

MERV vs FPR vs MPR air filter ratings, which is better? What’s the difference between these air filter ratings? Conversations around air filter ratings tend to create more of confusion and less of clarity. I put together this resource to clear the air. Hopefully, this post clarifies the difference for you and helps you make … Read more

ULPA vs. HEPA Filters What’s the Difference

ULPA vs. HEPA Filters: What’s the Difference? I recently came across an air filter manufacturer who claimed there’s nothing that filters out pollutants quite like a ULPA air filter. And that ULPA filters are even better than the particles and pathogens filtration superstar. But, are ULPA filters actually superior to HEPA filters in terms of … Read more

True HEPA vs. HEPA-Type Air Filters Which is Better?

Here’s one question that’s readers frequently ask: True HEPA vs. HEPA-Type Air Filter, which is better? The difference between True-HEPA and HEPA-type air purifier filters isn’t always clear. Some marketers use vague marketing tactics to coax consumers into believing HEPA-type is the same as true HEPA. But there’s a difference between these two filter … Read more

How to Clean Holmes Air Purifier Filters

Portable home air purifier filters can be a tricky component to clean. If not cared for or cleaned correctly, their filtration performance can be severely diminished. This is particularly true for non-washable HEPA, HEPA-type, and activated carbon filters. In this post, you’ll learn how to clean the HEPA-type filter,  True HEPA filter (Not a good … Read more