Do HEPA Air Purifiers Remove PM2.5?

Do HEPA air purifiers remove PM2.5

Do HEPA air purifiers remove PM2.5, you ask. Yes, they do. According to ScienceDirect, HEPA air purifiers can reduce PM2.5 by 29 percent in settings with very high concentrations. While 29% may not seem like much, it’s significant. And according to the EPA, True HEPA air purifiers actually remove particles smaller than 0.3 microns in … Read more

Shocking Air Pollution Facts

Air pollution

Recent air pollution facts and data from the World Health Organization show that 90 percent of people breathe highly contaminated air. That makes air pollution a big problem. Air pollution is a terrifying problem. I wrote this post to highlight key air pollution facts, the causes and effects.  But before we talk about causes, effects, and … Read more

Where Does Dust Come from

Air pollution

*Affiliate Links Disclosure This website participates in the Amazon Associates program. And as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. However, you won’t pay a dime more for clicking on any of the affiliate links in this content.   Dust is on countertops. It’s on floors. It coats walls, ceilings, and fans. It lodges … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Remove Smoke?

smoke pollution

You probably smoke or live with a smoker. Or your unfriendly neighbor smokes MJ the whole time they’re in their apartment. Maybe you live in an area that sees frequent wildfires. And you’re asking: Do air purifiers remove smoke, really? You might also be asking: Does a HEPA filter remove smoke? In this article, I’ll … Read more