Levoit Core P350 Review

This Levoit Core P350 review is my little investment in your air purifier shopping journey. I hate it when my readers don’t get the full value inherent in the budget they spent. The air purifier market is full of all sorts of marketers. Motivated marketers who describe every product they sell as “the best” “excellent”, and life-changing. Obviously, you don’t trust all those smiling faces, and I guess that’s why you stopped by. Thank you. I’ll pull every stop to ensure you walk away with an affordable, portable air cleaner that fits your bill.


Levoit Core P350 Review
The Levoit Core P350 is one of the best air purifier for pet odors ever made. It’s affordable, too. And it looks really amazing.

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Although the Levoit ARC Formula Core P350 costs about $20 more than the Core 300, I feel they’re pretty much similar offers. In fact, these two air purifiers look exactly the same. And the product dimensions for these two models are precisely the same. Concerning wattage, both have a rating of 45W.

Another feature they have in common is the Pet Lock button. The Pet Lock button keeps kids and pets from changing the settings.

QuietKEAP Technology


Like the Core 300, this air cleaning device leverages Levoit’s QuietKEAP technology to deliver a super quiet 3-stage filtration. Small wonder the two machines produce the same amount of noise when at work, 24 dB on low and 50 dB on high.

Operating Conditions


The purification coverage for the P350 is similar to that of the Core 300. Plus, they require the same operating conditions, that is, 14F-104F and a relative humidity of 85%. The CADR ratings for this unit is 141,140,145 for smoke, dust, and pollen respectively. When it comes to purification coverage, the Levoit P350 should effectively clean areas as expansive as 219 square feet.

CFM of the Levoit PM350 (Offers a Great ACH)


The CFM for the P350 stands at 135, and that converts into 8,100 cubic feet/hour. Let’s assume you have a master bedroom with the following dimensions: 12ft x 16ft x 8. If you put the P350 to work in that room, it’d give you at least 5 air exchanges per hour. And that’d be a really good ACH, regardless whether you suffer from a respiratory disease or not.

Levoit Core 300 Vs Levoit P350


One noticeable difference is that the Core P350 seems a little darker (both are gray in color). Another difference is the high-performance VortexAir Technology of the P350. The technology supposedly enables the Core P350 to deliver an extremely strong airflow.

But how could the Core P350 deliver a stronger airflow than the Core 300 when their CADR remains the same? To me, this “special” airflow-boosting technology doesn’t mean a thing as far as the CADR stays the same.

Another difference is the ARC formula that powers the pre-filter of the Core P350. This non-woven pre-filter comes equipped to capture pet fur and pet dander. The ARC Formula is a unique technology that gives this device an edge over other air purifiers in terms of odor removal. This mechanism enables the air purifier to decompose pet odors. And that helps reduce second-hand indoor pollution.

Filter Replacement for the Levoit P350


Replace filters every 6-8 months just like you would with most Levoit air purifiers. The non-woven fabric pre-filter needs to be cleaned twice a month so it can keep performing maximally. As for the other filters, they need no cleaning.

Note that the replacement filter for the Core P350, the Levoit Core P350-RF, includes a prefilter. It’s best to replace the pre-filter even if the manufacturer says it’s cleanable and reusable.



  • QuietKEAP technology that silences the device
  • AHAM and Energy star rated
  • 1-year warranty + 90-day money-back guarantee
  • 4-option timer (2, 4, 6, and 8 hours) boosts convenience
  • Filter-change indicator
  • Pet Lock /child-lock feature
  • Sleep mode for uninterrupted, restful nights


  • Not exactly smart
  • Filters not cleanable
  • No justification for costing more than the Core 300


Like all the Levoit air purifiers I’ve reviewed up to this point, the Levoit P350 isn’t exactly a smart choice. The filter-change reminder and timer is about the closest the device comes to being intelligent.


Levoit Core P350 Review: Final Word


I recommend the Levoit P350 as a highly effective choice for eliminating pet dander, pet odors, and other undesirable smells. The device derives its odor-removal power from its unique ARC formula. This technology bolsters the activated carbon filter’s ability to remove odors, making it a great choice for pet allergy sufferers. Buy this option if you hate having pet dander in your air but don’t want to give away your pet.

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