Envion Ionic Pro Platinum Air Purifier Review

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I know why you’re reading this Envion Ionic Pro Platinum Air Purifier review. It’s because you’re planning on taking your indoor air quality to a much better place. You’re looking for an affordable air purifier that’ll help you obliterate all those pesky air pollutants in your home without breaking the bank. Lucky you! In this review, I’ll surface every nice and bad thing about the Ionic Pro Platinum air purifier so you can decide if it’s worth it.

But before we dive into the actual review, here’s good news. This air purifier uses washable and reusable air filters. And the best part? The Ionic Pro Platinum actually works! I actually should have included it as an option when I reviewed these 5 best air purifiers with washable filters.


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Envion Ionic Pro Platinum Air Purifier With Permanent Filter





Dimmer that reduces the unit’s brilliance at night so you can sleep like a newborn.


A silent mode that has the air purifier cleaning the air super quietly yet effectively.


A 24-hour timer so you don’t need to wake up at 3.00 a.m. to turn the air purifier off.


Energy Star rating so you won’t need to worry about your electric bill growing and nibbling away at your savings.


Clean filter indicator so you’ll NEVER forget to clean the main filter + prefilter.


A tower design with a large air inlet so your space gets cleaned in no time.


Ionizer that gathers together airborne particles for easier removal and freshens your indoor air.


A black finish so you can place it in whichever room without worrying about color compatibility.


Easy to remove, clean, and replace permanent filter so you’ll save hundreds of dollars in the long term.


Made of tough plastic so it won’t break in case you tipped it over





Dimensions: 6.46″D x 7.56W x 25.7″ H

Air filtration coverage: 550 square feet

3 powerful fans filtering the air continuously

4 speed settings

Product’s net weight: 8 lbs

Remote control: Operates best within a 20 feet range

ACH: 3 air changes every 60 minutes (in a 550 square feet room)

CADR rating for dust: 107

CADR rating for smoke: 107

CADR rating for pollen: 116

Power consumption: 17W max

Recommended Voltaget: The standard U.S. voltage, 120V.

Recommended frequency: Standard U.S. 60 Hz

Noise levels: Min (34 dB), Max (51 dB)


How the Ionic Pro Platinum Works


You’re asking: Does the Ionic Pro Platinum really work? Yes, it does. This CARB-certified device is among the finest air filtration technologies relying on reusable filters ever devised. Unlike Airfree air purifiers that extirpates indoor air pollutants using heat, this air purifier ionizes airborne particles.

Like most ionizers, the machine releases negative ions that attach to the air pollutants that have made your life so difficult. Finally, the ions together with the contaminants deposit on a permanent, washable filter for painfree removal.

Air passes into the air purifier via an air inlet grille and comes out the back via another grille. The air purifier looks like a slender tower that nicely curves at the top. It’s a sleek design that pleases the eye. And it works. That’s why you’ll want to add it to your air purification arsenal.


Where to Place the Ionic Pro Platinum


Place the device with the front facing into the room. Also, allow at least 1 foot between the wall and the air purifier for efficient air circulation.

Permanent Prefilter and Main Filter


The prefilter stays attached to the back of the main permanent filter, and you can detach it and clean it or whatever. It helps trap lint, pet hair, and other relatively large airborne particles. Note: You NEVER need to replace the prefilter for the Ionic Pro Platinum. It’s a permanent, cleanable filter.

The main filter is a rectangular component that effortlessly slides in and out of the back of the air purifier. It comes with a handle at the top so you can just hold it and pull the part up. Taking the main filter out for cleaning and putting it in afterward is a breeze. You only need one hand — and zero tools or help.

The main filter comprises of plates that collect all the yuck that the 3 fans pull in from unfiltered indoor air. The fans draw dirty air in, and these particles eventually settle on the blades. If filth accumulates considerably, the filter clean indicator comes on, and the unit shuts down. At that time, you should remove the filter and clean it. I’ll explain how best to do that a little later.

But whether there’s too much dirt and grime on the plates or not, the filter clean indicator is set to turn on after every 8 weeks. Once it turns on, do the necessary and reset it. I’ll describer how to reset the Ionic Platinum down the road.

1850 Square feet of Particle Filtration Surface!


Do you know how much surface area the permanent filter of the Ionic Pro Platinum offers? It’s 1,850 square inches, or about 12.85 square feet. Look, that’s an extensive surface area. It’s sufficient room for all the airborne particles such as seasonal pollen and dust floating all over,


True HEPA Filters Vs the Permanent Filter Used by the Ionic Platinum


Anyone who’s used True HEPA or even HEPA-type air purifiers has experienced firsthand the perpetual pain of buying expensive filters. The upside of these expensive-to-maintain air purifiers is that they’re quite effective. I’d even say HEPA and HEPA-type air purifiers outperform their filterless and washable filter counterparts considerably.

Save Money on Replacement Filters Forever


Come True HEPA air purifiers use filters costing as much as $200 or even more annually. If you replace such a filter twice a year, that’ll set you back $400! That seems like too much money to me.

That being said, millions of people out there still worship at the altar of True HEPA air filtration. I,too, belong in the True HEPA filter fraternity. But the Ionic Pro Platinum is doesn’t need you to buy replacement air filters ever.

The Control Panel


The control panel is a clean, ergonomically positioned feature that comes clearly labeled. It’s super easy to navigate, too. Let’s take a closer look at the control panel of the Ionic Pro Platinum.

· 24-hour Timer


The sleek panel displays a 24-hour timer that allows you to set the duration you want your Ionic Pro Platinum to run continuously. I’ve presented more than a few options in this air purifier review site that offered an 8-hour or a 12-hour programmable timer. So, this device wins big in the convenience department. Just program the device to have it automatically turn off after a certain number of hours.

The timer is a great feature for folks who need to be away from home for a specific number of hours. You’re laboring hard at work to please your demanding boss. Similarly, the Ionic Pro Platinum hums away as per your instructions, purifying your air to keep you happy and healthy.


· Dim, Power, and Filter Clean Buttons


The air purifier also offers a dimmer so you can reduce the intensity of the panel’s light at night. The Dim and Power buttons sandwich the “Filter Clean” button. The clean filter feature tells you when to clean the permanent filters.

If the permanent filter gets too dirty, a light comes on. This indicator also lights up if any of the internal parts aren’t completely dry. I like this feature. It eliminates guessing. Some air purifiers with washable filters lack this crucial button. Who wants an air purifier that needs you to mark the previous or next cleaning date in some notebook?

*The timer and on/off buttons sit at opposite ends of the control panel.

· 4 Fan Speeds


While the Ionic Pro Platinum air purifier boasts 3 moderately powerful air filtration fans, it has 4 fan speeds or settings. The 4 modes that enable you to get the most of this Ionic air purifier are:







On silent, the unit barely whispers.  Choose Silent if you’re using the unit in your bedroom or in the baby nursery.

The Germ setting is for when germ season shows up. And the Allergy setting helps you manage your allergies particularly during the spring.

Finally, the Max fan speed enables you to handle smoke and dust and other particles. A clearly marked button helps you easily switch between these 4 modes. An blue LED light comes on, displaying the current fan speed. On the control panel, this button is shown as just Mode and comes immediately after the timer.

· Noise Levels of the Ionic Pro Platinum


As far as noise, the Ionic Pro Platinum operates extremely silently on the lowest setting. You would think the machine wasn’t working but it is. The second and third speed settings are also pretty quiet. You should converse with a loved one without a problem, and the TV should drown out essentially all the noise.

On Max, he unit runs almost quietly. It’s way quieter than most air purifiers even on the highest fan speed. It may get a bit noisy when dirty, though, or on Max. In fact, some reviewers have reported their Ionic Pro Platinum being pretty noisy on any speed. And others expressed their angst that they couldn’t sleep with the unit on regardless on the current setting.

Excessive Noise


But excessive noise isn’t always an indication that this air purifier is defective. I consulted Envion, the company that makes this air filtration device. And they explained why the unit may produce too much noise sometimes. I’ll tell you what they told me in the cons section below.


· The Ionizer


Does the Ionic Pro Platinum generate ozone? Yes, it does have a built-in ionizer that generates lots of feel-good negative ions. But tell you what? You won’t get gallons of that fresh, storm-ish smell that makes you feel like an excited child just before it pours. No. But the thing does noticeably freshen the air, than to this feature.

While the Ionic Pro Platinum spews out ozone, the air purifier is CARB-certified. This allimportant certification means that the volumes pushed out are within CARB-defined safe limits, that is, 0.05 ppm (parts per minute). Still, it’s best to avoid ionizers if you wrestle with asthma, COPD, or any other breathing difficulty.

The manufacturer says this device kills bacteria. And we know the machine leverages ionization. But does ionization kill bacteria? Yes. According to this scientific research, ionization kills bacteria.


Ionization Even Helps Improve Mood!


Believe it or not, running the Ionic Pro Platinum or any other ionizer may help brighten your day! How, you ask. One structured literature review analyzed 33 human experimental studies spanning 55 years and found interesting results. All the studies reviewed associated negative ionization with significantly reduced depression scores.

However, these effects were only pronounced in cases where exposure was particularly high. One wonders whether the supposed benefits outweigh the potential health risks involved.

Look, no one ever buys an air purifier to make them feel good! But there’s no doubt breathing clean, crisp air delivers many benefits and would help avoid a whole boatload of trouble.

· Air Purification Coverage of the Ionic Pro Platinum


What’s the maximum room size the Ionic Pro Platinum will purify? It’s designed for areas extending up to 550 sq. ft. But in my opinion, the manufacturer has exaggerated the performance here. Its older sibling, the Ionic Pro Turbo, cleans a slightly larger area (600 square feet). And tell you what? Quite a few people actually the Turbo model is much better than the Platinum model in every respect.

My research found that the Iconic Pro Platinum works best for considerably smaller areas, say 300 sq. ft. or even smaller. But I don’t think we really should count that against it. Don’t all manufacturers somehow tell consumers their product is the best in the world?

· Cleaning and Maintenance


How often should I clean the prefilter, permanent filter and ionizer of my Ionic Pro Platinum? The manufacturer says to clean the collection plate and prefilter every 2 months.

As for the ionizer, clean it when you’re cleaning these the prefilter and main filter. However, you should be ready to clean these filters more often if you live in a place that sees high air pollution levels.

How to Clean the Prefilter and Permanent Filter


What’s the best way to clean the prefilter and main filter? The manufacturer says you can pop the filters into the dishwasher. Either a light or normal cycle should be adequate for the job.

Alternatively, you can use soap and water in a basin to wash the filters. Or give them a rinse at the kitchen faucet. Another way to clean these filters is to blow out the dirt and particles using an air compressor. And I guess using an vacuum cleaner should also get the job done.


How to Clean the Ionizer


And how do you clean the ionizer of the Ionic Pro Platinum? First, find where the ionization switch is located. It’s found somewhere in the middle of the front grille. To clean this component, push the rod forward (gently) all the way through the farthest point.

The rod shouldn’t go beyond 0.5 inches forward. Once you reach the end of gentle push, release the switch. Then, repeat the process two or three more times, and you’re done cleaning it. Yes, it’s that easy.

But  how do you clean the Ionic Pro Platinum air purifier itself? 

Here’s How to Clean the Ionic Pro Platinum


As happens with any product left sitting somewhere for some time, this air purifier collects dust and other particles on its external surfaces. For that reason, you should clean your device every once in a while.

Here’s what you need:


1. Dishwashing soap

2. Some water

3. A damp cloth.


Now, here’s how to correctly clean your Ionic Pro Platinum:

Step 1


Turn off the air purifier


Step 2


Unplug the unit


Step 3


Dip the cloth in the water, and using the now damp cloth with some dishwashing soap, wipe off every trace of dirt on the unit’s outer surfaces. Be sure to squeeze out as much water as possible out of the cloth so no water ends up in the internal components of the machine. Having water in there could damage the air purifier. Plus, it’s not safe at all to have water or excessive moisture inside a device that uses electricity

Step 4


wait for the air purifier to dry completely before plugging it back in and firing it up once again. And how do I reset my Ionic Platinum air purifier? It’s easy: press-hold the Dim and Power button for 2 or 3 seconds, and the Clean Filter light should turn off.

How often should I clean my Ionic Pro Platinum? As soon as you notice dirt on it. Otherwise, wipe the dust off once or twice each month. That’s not too much work really, is it?

· Power Consumption


The Ionic Platinum is Energy Star rated, which means it sips power rather gulps it down. The EPA recommends that consumers buy Energy Star rated items as such products help save energy.

So, how much power does the Ionic Pro Platinum use? This energy efficient air purifier consumes just 17W max. That’s almost 70% less power consumption as a regular laptop! If you run the Ionic Platinum 24/7/365, the purifier would use about 148.92 kWh. And that’d set you back just $15 annually! Honestly, this is the most energy efficient air purifier at that price and performance level I’ve reviewed.

· Warranty


It’s a 1-year limited warranty. I’ve seen many longer warranties. Actually, some companies such as MedifyAir provide a lifetime warranty for their air purifiers. But honestly, a 12-month warranty against manufacturer’s defects and workmanship isn’t like a terrible deal.

And if you decide to return the Ionic Pro Platinum, be sure to do it within 30 days of purchase. That’s how long the guarantee lasts. I like that as it allows you to try the product without worry.

Does the Ionic Pro Platinum Really Remove Smoke?


The manufacturer states that the unit removes smoke. But they also say that you shouldn’t expose it to excessive amounts of candle, fireplace, and oil lamp smoke. Well, very few people use kerosene lamps these days. But what about candle and fireplace soot?

On probing further, I found that the device actually removes these types of smoke. But you’ll have to clean the unit more frequently. Now, that’s not a very bad thing, is it? But tell you what? This isn’t the best air purifier for smoke on the market. There are much better deals out there, but all of them use replaceable filters. For smoke removal, I think few air purifiers beat IQAir.


Now, here are the pros and cons of picking this air cleaning machine. It’s a summarized version of all that’s right about this air purifiers and what makes consumers rue their decision.



  • AHAM and CARB-certified
  • Helps remove bacteria and viruses
  • Ionizes the air, freshening it
  • Quiet on fan speed 1-3
  • 24-hour timer
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Dimmer/sleep mode/night mode
  • Clean filter indicator
  • A dishwasher-safe permanent filter with a handle
  • Huge savings on filter replacements over the long term
  • Affordable


  • Produces ozone
  • Filters and ionizer need regular cleaning
  • Excessive noise (sometimes)
  • Unit sometimes won’t turn on
  • Zero air filtration as you wait for permanent filter to dry
  • Dirt accumulation often interferes with device performance

A Closer Look at the Cons


First off, I like the Ionic Pro Platinum. I recommend it because it works. But I don’t like that the permanent filters must be cleaned every 2 months. In fact, you’ll have to clean it more frequently than that. Cleaning the filters and ionizer seems like too much hassle.

*Filters Must be Completely Dry Before Replacement


Plus, there’s always a possibility you may insert these components before they’ve dried up completely. Here’s one more thing. As you wait for the filters to dry, your air is getting dirty. It’s not cleaned over that period. I also wonder how long it takes for these filters to dry in wintertime. Well, every good thing comes at a price. But you can find equally great air purifiers that don’t necessitate all the hassle.

*Excessive Noise in Some Cases


You may also notice excessive noise in some instances. But the noise normally happens when the plate has collected too much pollutants. It also happens when the machine’s internal components aren’t completely dry. Fortunately, the noise issue is one you can easily prevent.

*Unit Won’t Turn On (Sometimes)


Sometimes, the unit just won’t turn on. But that’s not a widespread problem. But if it ever happens to you, first check whether you’ve plugged in the device. Also, check whether you’ve turned the air purifier on. Typically, the problem is that the user didn’t fully insert the prefilter and permanent ionic filter.

Make sure to always slide these components vertically and all the way down until they hit the base of the housing. Again, that’s a small problem.


*The Ionic Pro Platinum Emits Ozone


If the idea of inhaling ozone makes you shudder, better pick a different option. The Ionic Platinum Pro is an ozone generator. Well, it may not be a dedicated ozone generator such as these Airthereal ozone generators, but it sure does ionize the air.

If you struggle with a breathing-related condition such as asthma, I’d strongly advise you to pass up this opportunity. Go with another air filtration bet — this isn’t the right product for you.

But he’s some good news. The Ionic Pro Platinum is CARB-verified. Any air purification product that gets a nod from stringent California must be safe for use by consumers. So, go ahead and buy this air purifier if you’re healthy. Otherwise, stay away from it.

While you can turn the ionizer off, the ionic Pro Platinum is designed to work with this feature on the whole time.

*Not Ideal for Large Rooms Such as Basements


If you have a large musty basement that needs a bit of attention, the Ionic Pro Platinum isn’t the best air filtration system for the task. For large stuffy spaces, you’d be much better off using something else. For a basement chocking on odors, I recommend the Medify MA-112 or its new-ish smaller version, the Medify MA-25. But if you’re looking to purify smaller rooms (under 500 sq ft), grab this air purifier now and put it to work.

There’s one more thing. This air purifier features a sleek, easy-to-topple tower design. You may use this air purifier as a desktop air cleaner at work, in your bedroom, family room, living room or wherever else you want. But remember to keep it out of the way.


Envion Ionic Pro Platinum Air Purifier Review: Final Word


The Envion Ionic Pro Platinum (TA750) is no doubt one the finest air cleaning devices with permanent filters. The thing is affordable and doesn’t need filters at all. The air purifier helps with the removal of smoke, pollen, pet dander, dust, mold spores, dust mites, and other airborne particles.

What’s more, the air purifier is CARB-certified. It’s also Energy Star rated. In addition, it has a germ-annihilating feature, the ionizer.

Apart from that, the air purifier is tolerably quiet on all fan speeds. No annoying creaking noises or loud fan noise that robs you of your sleep.

One more thing: the air purifier is black. And black blends well with almost every color. It’s also light so you can move it around the house whenever you please.

However, this air filtration device cranks out a little ozone. The amount generated isn’t anything you should worry about, though. Also, you have to wash the ionizer, permanent filter, and prefilter every 8 weeks or even more frequently in some cases. But is that too hard to do?

I recommend the Ionic Pro Platinum (TA750). Not ready for this product? Why not visit Amazon and look around a bit? Who knows, you might find something that catches your eye.

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    • I also tried resetting my blue cleaning light. It won’t go off. I clean it all the time and use my machine every night. Nie it is making a noise.


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