Levoit LV-H132 Review

Finally, a Levoit LV-H132 review that says what must be said of this Levoit air purifier. I commit to guiding my readers as they assess myriads of deals so they pick the one that makes the most sense. Before I dive into the review, I have this to say. The Levoit LV-H132 air purifier is ideal for super small rooms contrary to what the description claims. It cleans spaces not much larger than 86 square feet rooms. But is it worth your dollars? Stay with me.


Levoit LV-H132 air purifier for small rooms
47,733 Reviews
Levoit LV-H132 air purifier for small rooms
A quiet, cute, CARB-certified, low energy consumer with a memory function and an optional blue night light.

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The Levoit LV-H132 air purifier sells at about the same price as the Vista 200. But do the two offers amount to the same amount of value? Let’s see.

A proud member of the LV-H series, it’s an exquisite piece of air cleaning equipment. Standing just 14.5″ tall, it’s not bulky at all.

And because it’s cute, you can pretty much stand it anywhere around the house. The air purification market offers its fair share of ugly purifiers. You know, the sort you want to tuck in some corner, away from prying eyes.


Offers a Pretty small Coverage (Just 86 square feet)


Unlike the Vista 200, the Levoit LV-H132 cleans rooms not larger than 86 square feet. But I doubt any of the rooms in your home are that small. Only buy this if your bedroom or office is really small, 10 ft. x 9 ft., maybe?

I wonder why this unit costs about the same price as the Vista 200 while the latter offers twice the coverage of the former! And it’s not like the LV-H132 air purifier offers anything really special, something the its more powerful sibling doesn’t have. Personally, I find no good reason to buy this air purifier as long as I can order the Vista 200.

Filtration Mechanism


The LV-H132 relies on a 3-stage filtration mechanism to purify the air. A preliminary filter catches large particles while the HEPA filter removes much smaller airborne particles and allergy triggers. Finally, the high-performance activated carbon odor-removal media tackles bad smells and VOCs.

I’ve not used this product, admittedly, but a friend of mine who lives in a wildfire-prone area tells me it does something. But don’t expect a purifier designed for such small spaces to move the air powerfully or anything like that.


What the Filters for the LV-H132 Look Like?


The filters for the LV-H132 look like a double-layered small basin with a perforated lid. The lid is the pre-filter, the inner layer is the True HEPA filter, and outer layer is the activated carbon filter. To access these filters, you must first remove the circular filter cover that comes fitted with 4 anti-skid pads.


The Control Panel


The control panel for the LV-H132 isn’t exactly like that for other cylindrical Levoit purifiers. With this product, the features don’t completely surround the core (on/off button). Instead, the air outlet dominates the panel.

The panel consists of just 4 buttons that stay close to one another along a small arc. These are the Power, nightlight, filter-reset, and fan speed buttons.


An Ambiance-enhancing Blue Nightlight


Don’t have a night light? No worries, just turn on the device’s blue nightlight and safety walk to the bathroom. Don’t want the nightlight (there’s tons of reasons you don’t want it!), press hold the light bulb icon for roughly 3 seconds and it turns off. You can choose one of two brightness levels.

Filter Replacement


What’s the Right Filter for the LV-H132? Search for the LV-H132-RF. A filter-reset icon lights up announcing it;’s time to swap out the filter. But you don’t have to change them if they’re still usable.

Filters are supposed to last 6-8 months. But they certainly won’t serve you that long if the air in your location is awfully bad. I actually came across one customer who reported their filter lost all effectiveness after a month! But I guess they really must have extremely bad air quality there.

Noise Levels


The air purifier is really quiet, producing no more than 25 dB on low. You should sleep comfortably on Lo and Medium, but fan speed 3 hums a little loud. If you have asthma, Levoit says to run the device for about 20 minutes on high before selecting either medium or low. When operating at its highest capacity, the product produces about 50 dB.



The LV-H132 comes CARB-certified, means it ships to product safety-conscious California. It’s also ETL and FCC certified. You’ll have complete peace-of-mind knowing the product’s been rigorously tested and found safe for residential homes and office use.

Power Consumption


Not surprisingly, the LV-H132 needs just 28W to keep you adequately supplied with clean air throughout. If you have this device running 24/7/365, that’d cost you around $24.50. This option consumes the least amount of energy of all Levoit air purifiers.



  • An effective filtration system with a 360-degree air inlet
  • Offers a memory function
  • Available in black and white
  • Not bulky
  • Not too expensive
  • Low power Consumption
  • Very quiet on Low and Medium
  • A nice blue nightlight


  • Offers a very small coverage
  • No smart features including timer
  • Lacks the child-lock feature
  • A little expensive considering its small purification coverage


Levoit LV-H132 Review: Final Word


The LV-H132 air purifier looks fabulous. But no one ever buys an air cleaning device primarily to add another savings-eating appliance to their interiors! And yes, the machine works.

You sure can buy something that looks just as cute while delivering better air purification performance. The Vista 200 comes to mind as a great alternative. But hey, you can still pick the LV-H132. After all, it has a rating of 4.4 after 9,500+ customer reviews on Amazon (as of this post’s date).

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